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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

PS3 controller blows...

From ps3.ign.com

Compared to Microsoft's uber-comfortable Xbox 360 pad, the SIXAXIS feels
cheap, plasticky, uncomfortable and disconcertingly light - almost as if it's
going to fly out of your hands during those more extreme gaming moments.More
worrying still, the newly-designed lower L and R shoulder triggers feel more
like they belong on an early controller prototype than the near-final model.
Replicating the 360 pad, rather than being simple shoulder-mounted buttons, the
triggers are now hinged horizontally along the controller, with pressure forcing
them inward along the bottom - like triggers then, really. Trouble is, they're
placed almost unnaturally low meaning we found ourselves operating them by
jamming our fingers in between the hinges to apply pressure, rather than using
the buttons themselves. What's more, the triggers are convex, with no grooves to
keep your fingers in place - an issue further compounded by their smooth finish,
offering no resistance against your finger tips. Invariably we found our digits
slipping off with the triggers snapping back to their default position.


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