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Monday, March 10, 2008

Best Slow Motion Balloon Pop of All Time

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Casual Gameplay game

Formerly titled, Jay is Games, it has been one of my favorite blogs for awhile now. This site reviews tons of web games from all over the internet. Recently they've even held a few contests for game creators. If that wasn't cool enough, now a guy by the name of Rob Allen has created a banner game. The banner shown above, is also a playable point-n-click game. The goal is to light the Casual Gameplay sign on fire. You don't even have to play the whole game in one visit. The banner is smart enough to save your progress, so that you can return tomorrow and play some more.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Who knew they could do that?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Unbelievable Line Rider clip

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Little Joker

A few people have wondered why I haven't been posting much lately, so I thought I'd share why. Out 6 month old daughter Savannah now consumes most of our time. Playing with her, changing diapers, baths, feeding...all of that fun stuff. Here is a great pic of her being silly...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

3 point dunk

Remember Slamball...it lives in Japan. Double-click below to view video

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Black Friday

Want to get a jump on your Black Friday Xmas shopping? Check out all the major chain store ads over at Black Friday Ads website. They have the deals posted for Circuit City, Target, Staples, Boscov's, etc. The office supply stores have a lot of good deals on PC equipment, especially flash storage. Click here and start making your list.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Trackmania UNITED

A new Trackmania game is on the horizon. The lastest version features 7 environments, 3 modes of play(race, platform and puzzle), 200 new circuits, and 7 different vehicle types. The biggest improvement seems to be the interface. It now allows you race online and also share your tracks with other players. The game won't be available in US stores until Feb/March 2007, but Nadeo is offering 10,000 fans a chance to download and install the game now. For the price of $50, you'll receive an email activation key on Nov. 16th which will let you start playing the game early. For more info, browse to the TM United website.

DR3I V3 flash game

Cool little time waster. Move the little red dot through the maze while avoiding the cloud of black smoke. Hit a positve sign and the cloud gets larger and faster, hit a negative sign and the cloud shrinks and slows. Sounds easy right, well give it a try here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Faith Hill thought she won...

Gears of Wars - HD video review

The guys over at gametrailers.com posted a HD video review of Gears of Wars. I was on the fence about purchasing this one until I watched this review. The graphics are unbelievable. I've been waiting for that must-have 360 Live game and it sounds like this is it. Every review I've seen has been 9 of 10 or better. Check out the HD review here.

Small Arms - upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game

Lately the Xbox Live Arcade releases have left a lot to be desired. Who wants to drop $1000+ on a HD gaming setup, only to play 20 year old, low-res games like Dig Dug and Pac Man. Don't get me wrong, those games are fun to play for a few minutes, but how about some high-res sweetness to put our equipment to use. Check out this HD video of the upcoming game Small Arms.

MS Photosynth

Photosynth is a new program from the Microsoft Live Labs. MS describes their product as "software that takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed three-dimensional space." Looks like a unique take on photo management software, check it out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

5 PS3 Online titles

Sony announced 5 new titles for their upcoming PS3 online service. The screenshot above is from a title named Blast Factor. The others include Flow, Go! Sudoku, Lemmings 2, and Swizzleblocks. More sweet looking screenshots after the jump.

Xbox 360 Exclusive titles

I found this list over at Gamerscoreblog.com and found it interesting. For all those gamers holding out to buy a PS3, here's a big list of great games you'll never get to play on the PS3. I was surprised at how big the list was already.

Xbox 360 Exclusives Now Available

Kameo: Elements of Power (MGS)
Ninety-Nine Nights (MGS)
Perfect Dark Zero (MGS)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (MGS)
Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged Volume 1 (MGS)
Amped 3 (2K Sports)
Call of Duty 2 (Activision)
Chromehounds (SEGA)
Condemned: Criminal Origins (SEGA)
Dead or Alive 4 (Tecmo)
Dead Rising (Capcom)
MotoGP ‘06 (THQ)
Over G Fighters (Ubisoft)
Prey (2K Games)
QUAKE 4 (Activision)
Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis (Rockstar Games)
Rumble Roses XX (Konami)
Saints Row (THQ)

Upcoming Xbox 360 Exclusives

Alan Wake (MGS)
Banjo-Kazooie (MGS)
Blue Dragon (MGS)
Crackdown (MGS)
Fable 2 (MGS)
Forza Motorsport 2 (MGS)
Fuzion Frenzy 2 (MGS)
Gears of War (MGS)
Halo 3 (MGS)
Halo Wars (MGS)
Infinite Undiscovery (MGS)
Marvel Universe Online (MGS)
Mass Effect (MGS)
Project Gotham Racing 4 (MGS)
Shadowrun (MGS)
Too Human (MGS)
Viva Piñata (MGS)
Battlestations: Midway (Eidos)
BioShock (2K Games)
Bullet Witch (Atari)
Crossfire (Eidos)
Dance Dance Revolution Universe (Konami)
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (Tecmo)
FIFA 2007 (Electronic Arts)
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (Eidos)
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Capcom)
Mobile Ops: The One Year War (Namco Bandai)
Overlord (Codemasters)
Star Trek: Legacy (Bethesda Softworks)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 5 (Ubisoft)
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 (THQ)

PS3 controller blows...

From ps3.ign.com

Compared to Microsoft's uber-comfortable Xbox 360 pad, the SIXAXIS feels
cheap, plasticky, uncomfortable and disconcertingly light - almost as if it's
going to fly out of your hands during those more extreme gaming moments.More
worrying still, the newly-designed lower L and R shoulder triggers feel more
like they belong on an early controller prototype than the near-final model.
Replicating the 360 pad, rather than being simple shoulder-mounted buttons, the
triggers are now hinged horizontally along the controller, with pressure forcing
them inward along the bottom - like triggers then, really. Trouble is, they're
placed almost unnaturally low meaning we found ourselves operating them by
jamming our fingers in between the hinges to apply pressure, rather than using
the buttons themselves. What's more, the triggers are convex, with no grooves to
keep your fingers in place - an issue further compounded by their smooth finish,
offering no resistance against your finger tips. Invariably we found our digits
slipping off with the triggers snapping back to their default position.

First PS3 US Commerical

Not that impressive of a commerical. Hopefully the system turns out better than that.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

White and Nerdy

This is the new Weird Al Yankovic video

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The 1k Project II

If you've played Trackmania Sunrire, you find the above video interesting. 1000 different racers submitted a video of themselves racing a track. The videos were then complied into the movie you see above.

5 widescreen LCD panels

WOW! That's all that needs to be said about this display. If anyone is starting their Xmas shopping already. This is what I want! More info here.