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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sony upgrades pad for PS3

A quick glance at the new redesigned PS3 controller and you should see a few differences. There are now 4 LED lights to signify the player number. A circular "guide" button in the middle of the controller, similar to the 360's "Live" button. The lower shoulder button are now more trigger like(analog), also like the 360's. The biggest external difference is no cable, the new controller uses Bluetooth to communicate with the console. The little USB port on the back can be used to recharge the batteries. Now for the inside, where the most surprising changes were made. Gone is force feedback or "Dualshock" as Sony used to refer to it. This is most likely due to the patent lawsuit Sony lost few months ago. Sony claims they removed feedback to include a "Wii" feature. I guess they got tired of stealing ideas from M$ and decided to borrow one from Nintendo. The new controller includes motion sensors for the X-Y-Z, pitch, roll, yaw and lateral detection. You'd think for $499 they could come up with at least one original idea for their controller.


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